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better beer.

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For too long, young drinkers have been subject to the same sh*tty marketing and product over and over.

It’s time for a beer brand that serves young people. A beer that is rooted in culture, creating experiences that bring people together.

Join your favorite artists and influencers in not only enjoying a beer worth drinking, but an experience worth sharing.

Cheers to better beer.

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BRU Flag


Cheers to better beer. Showcase your love for BRU at your next tailgate, party or even in your own room.

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Our customers love bru

"After drinking BRU, so many good things started happening. It was like a 6-pack started to appear and the hot girl from math class added me on snapchat."
"When playing pong, I only drink BRU. Every single time I shoot it just goes in. I don't even have to re-rack anymore."
The only beer I buy for my parties!
Finally, a beer made for me!


Design a custom BRU box for your next tailgate, party or special occasion.

Customize a case of your favorite beer and make a statement. Want to cheer on your team? Need a clever gift? With BRU, you can design a case to keep, showcase or hang up on your wall.

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Follow us on social media as we grow to become the largest beer brand across America. 

Watch as your favorite artists and influencers join the BRU brand alongside our team that puts out hilarious content on a daily basis.

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