At BRU, we have had an overwhelming amount of people message us and say they have garnered new attention from the opposite sex. We have also seen an unparalleled amount of six packs that appear out of nowhere. We aren't claiming this is because of BRU, it just kind of…happens.

Our founder, Connor Blakley, said “why the heck not?” He decided to make his favorite number the ABV of his favorite beer. 

“If I got a custom BRU case as a gift, I would marry whoever gave it to me.” -Connor Blakley, Founder & CEO Customizing a BRU case makes drinking BRU even more special. Gather with friends or tailgate alongside family with a unique branded experience unlike no other.

Orders are typically processed in 1-2 days. Shipping is determined by the shipping option you select at checkout. Any questions about shipping or your order can be sent to returns@drinkbru.co.

Don't be a clout chasing weirdo-play it cool. Drink your beer and remain in the moment.

BRU Select are the face of the BRU brand. Get free merch, showcased on our marketing materials, and many other perks mentioned below the BRU Ambassador application. It is our founder’s personal mission to make sure our BRU ambassadors have insane experiences.

BRU Beer will be launching in Fall of 2021. Just in time to have something tasty for a tailgate

At this time, we cannot ship internationally. We are building our presence in the US before expanding around the globe! 

Let’s just say you’ll look like a badass hitting that final cup with your eyes closed.

BRU is a beer made for you. We decided it was time for a beer brand that truly serves young people. A beer that is rooted in culture, creating experiences that bring people together to form a real community.

You’ll find that BRU merch is some of the best quality out there. Our apparel matches that of designer brands with thick fabric, long lasting colors and the perfect fit.

Yes, you can read our Return Policy for more details on how to get your return or exchange started!